2106 NE MLK Blvd.  Portland OR 97212.  503.750.0522.  

Now open in Vancouver  360-635-4450 !!!

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Restaurant salad bars were transformed to Art bars for an “all you can make” art experience. Children, of all ages, load up trays of seemingly endless supplies for their creations.  Instead of providing art direction we provide the space, supplies and support for each child’s individual idea of art and creation.  We believe in “Process over Product” and our space is used to create a true love and appreciation for art.  We have filled the studio with the “typical” art supplies you would expect and then added unexpected recycled goodies, electronic pieces and funky treasures to stretch the imagination.  Free coffee and tea for parents!


Founded by Aria Leighty (pictured) in 2012.  Aria wanted to find a way to create a space where everyone felt welcomed.  Her mission is to make everyone fall in love with art and find their own voice.  [photo by Jessica Keaveny]

“My four-year-old daughter loves AAC. She always has a blast picking whatever material catches her eye and then using her imagination to put the material together in some creation that she loves. She’s always so proud of her creation and can’t wait to show Daddy when he gets home. I think AAC is an amazing place to go for complete art freedom, which is so great in a world where most schools still stress product art. The best part for me is I can be totally relaxed about the whole process because I don’t have to clean the mess!”- Sara D

“My daughter absolutely loves this place!  Nothing but good things to say. The staff,  are fantastic. They go out of their way to offer assistance, ideas and the set up of the whole place is fantastic.” -Lisa E

“My son had the best birthday party there!  He loved it.  The salad bar is the coolest idea I have seen and so creative.  Love the concept, the owner is very involved in the community and has such a passion for art.” Brittany T